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Lesson Three:

The strategic formulation roadmap

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The Pillars of Holistic Formulation

This is your foundation in holistic formulation in terms of the different layers that need to be considered in both the person your treating as well as the each plant your considering in selecting. Print these out and put them on your fridge for a nice quick reference!

Pre-Formulation Brainstorm

Before you start pouring or compounding, it's helpful to think through everything your formula needs. This worksheet helps you brainstorm what specific qualities and properties your end formula needs to be the most effective, that way you can select the right herbs.

The Five Elements of a Formula

Formulas are more than throwing herbs in a bottle willy-nilly. The five elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether form a solid foundation for how to think through the different parts of a formula and making sure your formulas have everything they need to function properly.

The Strategic Formulation Worksheet

You can use this template every time you need to create a custom formula for a client to help you organize your thoughts, make sure your covering everything your formula needs, and keep everything nice and organized in your client files.

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Lesson 1: Allopathic vs. Vitalist Herbalism​

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Lesson 3: The Strategic Formulation Roadmap

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