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Understand Your Herbs with Depth and Precision

Learning Herbs Beyond What They’re “Good For”

Have you ever been curious about a medicinal plant and gone to your herb books to learn more.

And end up disappointed by just a few sentences on what it’s “good for” or long lists of constituents and actions?

Do you ever feel like you’ve read about an herb over and over again, but you still don’t feel like you understand it completely?

You wouldn’t want to just know your friends at surface level, so why learn herbs superficially?

What's the key to becoming a better herbalist?

Is it wildcrafting more? Making more tinctures? Getting better at plant ID?

While those are important, the true path to herbal mastery is consistent study and experience of your materia medica. But that doesn’t mean just reading about herbs every now and then. 

There’s a strategic way to approach learning herbs so you come to understand your remedies with depth, not just superficially knowing about them. 

Truth is, the most effective herbalists know their remedies far beyond what symptoms they’re “good for.”

They know the essential healing pattern within each plant and how every medicinal virtue weaves together into a complete whole.

So how exactly do you approach studying plants holistically to get beyond superficial herbalism and come to understand their medicinal essence? 

How do you develop herbal competence so you can heal the people you serve with the herbs you know and trust?

materia medica monthly

subscription program from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Your Pathway to Herbal Mastery

Materia Medica Monthly is like your own personal herbal Netflix, with new content added every month.

Strategically designed to build your holistic understanding and experience of medicinal plants, this course lays a solid foundation for the beginner, yet gives advanced herbalists critical new insights and perspectives on the remedies they rely on.

You get deep-dive training on foundational principles of herbalism, like herbal actions, tastes, energetics, and constitutional systems, alongside a vast library of single herb monographs that are hands down the most comprehensive monographs you’ll ever see.

Core herbal patterns & properties

Core Herbal Patterns & Properties

Learn herbs by heart through seeing the relationship between the tastes, actions, organ/system affinities, energetics and special potency/specific indications of each plant, understanding the structural and functional patterns behind how a plant affects the human body.
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Essential clinical indications

Essential Clinical Indications

Learn how to apply the core patterns and properties of herbs to specific symptomatic and disease patterns in people. Rather than lists of symptoms, you’ll learn how the herbs address the underlying physiological processes behind them so you get more specific in your remedy selection. Learn to apply the energetics and constitutional picture of the plant, as well as any specific indications for when to use that remedy.
Herbal safety

Herbal Safety & Contraindications

Keep your clients and those you love safe by knowing any contraindications, side effects, herb-drug interactions, and pharmacological data about each plant so you know how that plant functions on a biochemical level.
effective extraction & preparation

Effective Extraction & Preparation

Each plant has a unique biochemical profile that yields to various solvents and methods of preparation. You’ll learn the best preparations for each plant, as well as our personal experience with spagyric and alchemical preparations.
dosage & administration

Dosage & Administration

To effectively use herbs clinically, you have to know the various methods of administration, as well as what the effective dosage and frequency is to have the desired result.
Flexible Formulation Strategies

Flexible Formulation Strategies

To have a well rounded understanding of a plant, knowing how to formulate with it is essential. Each lesson will provide simple pairs, triplets, and complex formulas based around that plant to give you a starting point for formulating it to exemplify its various properties.
Traditional & Modern Perspectives

Traditional & Modern Perspectives

Each monograph includes an integrative approach to understanding the plants based on traditional models by synthesizing the wisdom of Ayurveda, alchemy, medical astrology, traditional Western herbalism, and modern science for a well rounded physical, energetic, and spiritual understanding of herbal medicines.
Esoteric & Spiritual Properties

Esoteric & Spiritual Properties

To be truly holistic, you must learn not only the physiological actions of the herbs, but their subtle esoteric and spiritual properties as well. This is done through the lens of alchemy, learning the planetary and elemental correspondences of the plants and their relationship to the energetic architecture of nature.

Module 9:

The Musculo-skeletal system

Module 9: The Musculoskeletal System

Herbs can do so much for the treatment of pain and proper healing of the connective tissues, joints, bones, and muscles. You'll learn how to effectively treat various types of pain with herbal remedies, thinking beyond just using "anti-inflammatories," as well as restoring the connective tissues and bones, plus strategies for both acute and chronic pain.

What's in a monograph?

We believe we’ve created the most comprehensive herbal monographs out there. These aren’t just lists or short paragraph descriptions.

These are strategically designed to teach you the core principles of herbal medicine, to understand not just how to use a remedy, but the why and how behind it.

Most of the PDF monographs are well over 20 pages long, and the accompanying video lessons range between 2-3 hours. All on a single plant!

Click the tabs below to see the three different sections of the Materia Medica Monthly monograph.

Jocelyn with plants

For both beginner and advanced herbalists

Totally new to herbalism? We’ve got you covered. Core concepts, principles, and terminology are explained so nothing goes over your head. Plus there’s special bonuses (see below) that’ll give you a solid foundation in holistic herbalism. 

Already practicing? Materia Medica Monthly is like a massive digital library and database to use for quick reference on tough cases, not to mention more depth on the plants than you’re likely to find anywhere else. 

We have students of every kind in this course: from total newbies with zero background in herbalism to naturopathic doctors and a spectrum of health practitioners.

So wherever you are on your plant path, you’re guaranteed to get powerful tools that make you a top-notch herbalist that gets results.



the most

In-depth Monographs

Every other month you’ll get a new deep-dive training on a single specific medicinal plant. You’ll learn everything you need to know to use it holistically— from its herbal actions, energetics, clinical patterns, chemistry, formulations, specific indications and more. You’ll walk away from each lesson with a profound understanding of that herb.

the library

You've Always Dreamed of

Get access to the past archive of Materia Medica Monthly issues, with dozens of remedies covered, as well as deep-dive lessons on herbal actions, formulation, energetics, constitutions, and all past Q&A sessions. This is a treasure trove of herbal gold you’ll return to for years to come.


Classes & Q&A's

Get a chance to ask Sajah your questions directly and engage with the community every other month in our live classes and Q&A’s. Get the personalized attention and coaching you need to reach the next level of your plant path and have fun remotely hanging out with your herbal community. Can’t make it live? Every session is recorded and posted in the portal.


at Your Own Pace

You can study whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to take your time and watch the videos over and over again. There’s no deadline to finish the course material – you can study as fast or slow as you like. We just keep adding content each month!

material available

Online or Offline

Every lesson in Materia Medica Monthly is in video format, but you can also download MP3 versions of the lectures and in-depth PDF notes, charts, handouts, and monographs, making it easy to get your herbal studies in anywhere.


Course Database

Materia Medica Monthly is a completely searchable database. If you have a question or are looking for something specific, just search to find the exact lesson you’re looking for. You also get access to thousands of articles in our knowledge base.

No commitment

Cancel Anytime

There are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel anytime you wish! Once you end your subscription though, you’ll no longer have access to the online resource center where we archive all of the past issues.

engage & connect

with Community

Engage with the community in our student teahouse. Setup your profile, post in your activity feed, start a forum discussion, update us on your program progress, start a study group, and make connections with other like-minded herbalists.



We’re here for you every step of the way. You’ll have all the help and support you may need throughout your journey from our team of experienced & knowledgable herbalists – on the phone, chat, email or through message in the student portal. 

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materia medica monthly


We’re confident that this program gives you everything you need to become a practicing herbalist. But if you discover the program isn’t right for you, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no strings attached! We want you to have plenty of time to go over the materials and see if the program is really a good fit for you.


In addition to the entire program, you also get these bonuses

Bonus 1:

Vitalist Herbal Actions

1. Vitalist Herbal Actions

Actions are central to understanding herbs in the Western tradition, but the modern day has diluted down the concept and made it overly confusing. Here you’ll learn the traditional vitalist herbal actions so you understand specifically how herbs influence the physiology of the body.

Bonus 2:

Herbal Energetics

2. Herbal Energetics

Traditionally this is how herbs were understood, classified, and applied therapeutically long before we knew anything about plant chemistry. This module breaks down the core principles of herbal energetics, how to experience them, their overlap with herbal actions, and key differentials for optimal remedy selection.

Bonus 3:

constitutional systems

3. Constitutional Systems

If you know your herbs energetically, you have to know people energetically too. This bonus module breaks down the Ayurvedic tri-dosha constitutional system as well as the six tissue states of Physiomedicalism so you know the key energetic patterns in people to better match the plants to them.

Bonus 4:

discount on Natura Sophia Spagyrics

20% off all Natura Sophia Spagyrics

The key to truly understanding plants isn’t to just read about or study them, it’s to experience them! And in our experience, no form of herbal medicine is more powerful than the spagyric preparation. To further support your learning journey, we offer all MMM subscribers 20% off our entire product line at

Bonus 5:

exclusive access to the

Evolutionary Herbalism Student App

After years of painstaking development, we’re proud to offer our students an exclusive Evolutionary Herbalism app. Whether it’s watching the latest Q&A session, staying updated on forum and group discussions and your activity feed, or having convenient access to your courses, the app makes access to the Evolutionary Herbalism world right in your pocket. Available for both iOS and Android users.

“Hands down this is the best herbal resource I have encountered in all of my research and study.

Sajah’s knowledge and breadth of perspective is unmatched in any of the teachers I’d been exposed to previously. The cost of Materia Medica Monthly is almost unbelievable for the amount of information that is made available. The resources here will continue to grow my herbal understanding and practice for many years to come.”

-Jennifer Knight
Horticulturalist & Community Herbalist

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