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Bonus 1:

five week online course

Five Week Online Course

In this video course, you'll get tons of inspiration for how to put these teachings into action. This is your integration guide that'll take what you're learning in the book to new depths of understanding with tools for practical application in your life.

Bonus 2:

The book companion guide

The Book Companion Guide

Get a 5-part PDF downloadable companion guide with specific practices, exercises, meditations, and homework that help you integrate and implement what you learn in each section of Evolutionary Herbalism and each week of the course.

Bonus 3:

The Missing chapters

The Missing Chapters

The original version of the book was too large to publish, so a few chapters were cut. But you don't have to miss out! You'll get PDF's of the hidden chapters, The Nature of Health and Disease and Holistic Assessment: Searching for the Pattern.

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I truly hope you enjoy Evolutionary Herbalism, along with your 5-week course, the missing chapters, and your companion guide. My goal with these bonuses is to give you additional training, resources and insights that will help you integrate and implement what you learn in the book.

Blessings to your plant path, may the wisdom of the herbs forever be with you.

– Sajah

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