Medical Astrology in Practice, an interview with Kira Sutherland

In this special episode of The Plant Path, I interviewed naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, and medical astrologer Kira Sutherland. Kira’s been a clinical practitioner for over 20 years and the use of her client’s birth chart has been one of her primary tools for holistic assessment and providing insights into how to best navigate her cases. 

This conversation was really exciting, as Kira lays out her process for using the astrological chart to help her clients by assessing their constitution, finding the root causes of their health concerns, how to find the right remedy, and even how she talks to them and creates her protocols. 

That’s one of the unique potencies of using astrology in your herbal practice, that you can get incredibly specific in regards to how you approach your work with clients. Someone with a lot of Gemini qualities will want to know how it works, what it does, why they’re taking it, and will gobble up any and all information you can give them. But they might get a little scattered and forget to take their stuff, so be sure to give them ways to remember! Whereas a Taurus doesn’t need all that info, they want it to be simple, easy, and not have to make too many changes too fast.

Someone with a lot of Mars will appreciate you giving them specific actions to take. Someone with a lot of Moon qualities will need to be spoken to in a way that appeals to their emotions. The list goes on…

This was one of my biggest takeaways from this interview. We usually think about medical astrology from the perspective of determining someone’s constitution, or figuring out the cause of their disease, or understanding what the best kind of protocol or remedies will be for them.

Kira shed light on not only these foundational aspects, but also on how we can customize how we interact and interface with our clients based on their unique astrological profile. From how we talk to them and how comprehensive or simple their protocol is, to ways we can adjust our approach to make it suitable for their unique character.

This is huge. One of the biggest reasons people don’t come to back to see a practitioner is because they didn’t feel heard, understood, or simply didn’t feel like the practitioner “got them.” Or they simply got overwhelmed by their protocol by getting too much (or too little). So what Kira shares here in this interview is an incredibly valuable tool that we can all use in our work with people to make our practice more effective, efficient, and ultimately (and most importantly) serve the people asking us for help in the best way possible.

Kira’s got some great introductory courses on medical astrology you find find on her website. Here’s where to find her:

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