The Importance of Mineral Salts in Herbal Extractions (Renaissance Medicine Conference 2016)

We had a great time at the 2016 Renaissance Medicine Conference a few weeks ago hanging out with medical astrologer Judith Hill, renowned herbalist Matthew Wood, and the spiritual botanist/herbalist Scott Kloos.

In this class I taught, I discuss the how crucial the mineral salts of plants are in their extraction, specifically oriented towards the spagyric process. This aspect of plants is one of the most commonly overlooked aspect of an herbs medicinal virtues and is typically thrown out in most herbal pharmacy methods. In this class you will learn how the mineral salts are 1 of the 3 primary principles of not just plants, but all of life, how to extract them (which is essentially making plant crystals!!) and incorporate them into your medicine making processes.

There’s also some good tidbits on alchemical theory in here as well.


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